The Canteen aims to provide a nutritional summer and winter menu at a reasonable price in line with The Department's Healthy Eating, Right Bite guidelines. The Right Bite policy, available on our website applies to all government sites where students are enrolled.

Our canteen in 100% nut-free.

Lunch orders at West Lakes Shore are easy and can be made through the classroom, online at or via the app.

Flexischools is available 24/7, convenient for parents, removes paper orders and cash, is free to register and only takes a few minutes. This ordering system can be accessed from home, work or mobile device.

The steps are:

Log onto and set up an account.
  1. Click on 'Register Now' and enter your e-mail address. On receipt of the return e-mail from Flexischools, you can follow the link to the registration page.
  2. You are also required to add students.
  3. Once registration details are completed, you are directed to a page to select our school.
  4. They also offer ordering via the iPhone App. Any further questions contact the help desk 1300 361 769 or via their website.
Orders made through the classroom (or at the canteen prior to school) should be detailed on a paper bag with the item, students name and class number clearly identified. For safety our canteen endeavours to keep a minimum amount of change at all times. Correct money is preferred and should be enclosed within the bag. If change is required it is placed in lunch bags and therefore is not available for recess spending. Paper bags are available for purchase at the canteen.

Our menu is updated twice yearly and is available on SkoolBag, the Flexischools website/app and at the canteen. Children may purchase goods at the counter at recess and lunchtimes. When children go to the Canteen with excessive amounts of money this will be referred to the office to be checked. Where a child has no lunch the staff will offer a basic sandwich.