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Re-established in 2020 the Community Network aims to build stronger community links between families and school and support the school to ensure strong achievement, wellbeing and engagement for all. The primary purpose of the Community Network is to:

  • Support a strong 'Partnership in Learning' between school and families
  • To plan school/community events and activities
  • Manage and support classroom communication through appointment of class reps.
  • Coordinate fundraising activities

The Community Network has its own group that family members can join via our school Facebook page. The Community Network representative on Governing Council oversees the Community Network meetings and invites family members to meet, discuss and plan whole-school events to build a more connected community.

The Community Network oversees the role of year level reps who are appointed each year. Roles are negotiated and may include:
  • Supporting new parents/carers to the school by helping with information on the school and local area.
  • Helping to answer questions from class parents/carers about generic things like uniform and excursions. Some liaison with the teacher and office for answers may be necessary.
  • Providing parent/carer feedback to Governing Council members.
  • Helping to coordinate two events throughout the year for the class (with help of other parents/carers) - ideally in term 1 and term 3. This helps connect families early on in the year, and throughout the year.
  • Supporting other parents/carers who may wish to get involved with school activities, however small.
What the Year Level Rep is not...
  • The Year Level Rep is not a replacement for a relationship between parents/carers and the teacher.
  • The role is not expected to be a heavy burden on the parent/carer, and they are encouraged to work with other parents/carers to help arrange a couple of social class activities each year, which can be as simple as arranging a play date at a local park on a weekend afternoon. However, you may choose to arrange more!
  • The Year Level Rep is not expected to add any additional workload on the teacher of the class. However, they may occasionally ask the teacher to send a note out via SeeSaw app or put a paper note in reader bags to reach all families as some may not participate in the group.
How will Year Level Reps communicate with parents/carers?
A main source of communication around general school information would be within our Community Network Facebook page. Some year level reps may choose to set up a communication group via another social means. A site administrator at the school will be assigned to oversee and ensure information exchanged is within the responsibilities of the site social media etiquette. If families have any questions about the Community Network they can contact the Community Network Committee on