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Feedback & Complaints

We create an open and trusting community. Feedback to and from others is encouraged and used to improve ourselves and our school. All ideas and suggestions from families are welcome and can be made through contacting any members of the leadership team. Please visit our Contact Us page details

We welcome compliments and want you to let us know when we are doing something well. Showing gratitude is an important part of building each other up and working together.

Complaints Process

To maintain a safe and happy environment for all, the school has documented processes to support families if they need to raise a complaint.

We recognise that sometimes things can go wrong and want to ensure respectful, fair processes are used to resolve any issues or unresolved complaint.

It's important to work together, talk, listen and find solutions in a courteous and respectful manner.

In the first instance, wherever possible, we ask that the complaint is discussed directly with the staff member or members involved. Organising a meeting face-to-face is usually the best way to ensure all voices are heard and a solution worked towards. Should the complaint not be resolved then families are able to speak with a member of the Leadership Team. In the unlikely event that your concern cannot be resolved at the school level, families have the option of contacting the Department for Education.

Raising a complaint with the Department for Education.

Please visit our Policies page to find out more about our internal procedures.
Working together, we aim to ensure a solutions-focused approach to addressing and resolving any complaints.