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Gifted and Talented Programs
Alongside supporting students' talents and passions through our Action Groups, the school supports students who show potential to exceed in specific areas of the curriculum. Through special collaborations with partnership Primary and High Schools, and through in-school initiatives, we strive to ensure we are challenging students to achieve at the highest levels.

Gifted Mathematical programs have included 'Maths Hub' 'Maths Craft' and Seaton High 'Maths Enrichment Programs'. The school currently has a SHIP (Students with High Intellectual Potential) program. We are constantly pursuing new initiatives to ensure our programs identify and cater for all current students' potential.

Discovery Time is our student centered time for action teams, personal projects, specialist interests and play-based learning - born from an idea to engage students through their individual talents and passions. As defined by our student Senior Leaders, the main purpose is for students and staff to have: 'A time to play, explore, create and practice special interests together.' Discovery Time allows students to come together for a common passion or purpose; students work across year levels (R-1, 2-3 and 4-6) with other students and different teachers and staff. Students from Reception to Year 1 work collaboratively with teacher support and opt in for various play based projects. During 'Discovery Time' students will learn to:

  • Use their creativity and imagination in a variety of ways
  • Problem solve and build self confidence
  • Communicate their ideas
  • Collaborate during team work
  • Use innovative technology
  • Apply their Literacy and Numeracy skills

For Years 4-6 Discovery Time allows opportunity for children to select specialist sports, languages (immersion) to deepen their skills, knowledge and understanding. Genius Hour is offered, and students can independently, or collaboratively, work in small groups on self-selected projects for a purpose and audience. Action Teams include our Wellbeing Warriors and Nature Play Crew. Action Teams will work to significantly enhance the school by being responsible for leading core Wellbeing and 'Be Kind' initiatives. In line with Reconciliation 2023: Being a Voice for Generations', the Reconciliation Action Team with the support of the Nature Play group will work to integrate cultural history information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our school 'Wongga Wirra' Indigenous garden.

An important aspect is children having the choice to select personalised projects, action teams, play or specialist areas which are driven by their individual passions or interests. They also become agents of change and take on responsibilities to make a real and positive difference in the community. Older students may select areas to support them to create a portfolio of evidence for a special interest program they may be considering applying for at a High School.

West Lakes Shore School is proud of the programs we offer to support the 'giftedness and talents' of each child. This is reflected in the large number of students seeking and being successful in obtaining High School specialist entry. Past students have gained entry into many Seaton High School programs including: Visual Arts, Diamond Sports, SHIP, Robotics and Digital Tech. Alongside this students have entered Adelaide High School language and Rowing programs, the Glenunga Ignite Program, scholarships at private schools and the Henley High School Sports Academy. Pursuing passions or areas of interest can lead to improved transition to High School and exciting, lifelong careers for our students.