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Governing Council

School Governance can be viewed as a system which operates under the principle that education is a shared responsibility and accountability among school community stakeholders. The Governing Council is accountable for the governance of the school by making sure that the school achieves its goals through good management practices. In practice the Governing body is responsible for:

  • setting strategic goals
  • determining School Policy
  • delegating powers, and
  • reviewing how well these goals are being achieved
The Principal manages the school within the local policy parameters set by the Governing body and the statewide policy parameters set by The Department.

  • providing and maintaining an overview
  • developing and reviewing School Policy
  • providing strategic direction and planning
  • reviewing and monitoring progress

Governing Council 2021
Principal - Carol Press
Chairperson - Edith Campbell
Vice Chairperson - Lynley Zeitz
Secretary - Amanda Fischer
Treasurer - Gayathri Raviprakash

Lara Bogacz
Holly Cartwright
Mary Stewart
Julia Burlison
Kristy Mckie
Edith Campbell
Kimbalee Bristow
Kerrie Grindley
Juliet Hester

Staff Representatives
Junior Primary Staff Representative - Vlass Vlass
Primary Staff Representative - Jacqui Thomas
Specialist Staff Representative - Lisa Zappia

Parent Representatives
Jillian Lee
Bree Kelly
Niamh Melady
Claire Thomas

Community Representatives
Community Network - Liz Ray
Community Continuity of Learning - Lynley Zeitz
Community High School links - Eva Varga

Subcommittees of the Governing Council
Finance - 2 meetings per term
  • Monitor the development of the schools' budget
  • Receive and evaluate financial reports
  • Supporting long term and short term financial management procedures
Assets - 1 meeting per term and needs based
  • Management and upkeep of buildings and grounds
  • Oversight of Grounds Person and School Cleaning Contractors
  • Oversee and inform site strategic plan connected to buildings and infrastructure
OSHC - 1 meeting per term
  • Establishing and monitoring guidelines related to OSHC practices and procedures
  • Budget management and fee structure management
  • Communicating and promoting programs
Canteen - 1 meeting per term
  • Establishing and monitoring guidelines related to Canteen practices and procedures
  • Overall management of Canteen employees
  • Communicating and promoting Healthy Eating programs
Sports - 2 meetings per term
  • Coordinate and manage after school sports program
  • Develop directions and policies for after school sports programs
  • Communicate information around SAPSASA school programs
Community Network Committee - meetings as required
  • Support a strong 'Partnership in Learning' between school and families
  • To plan school/community events and activities
  • Manage and support classroom communication through appointment of class reps.
  • Coordinate fundraising activities