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West Lakes Shore School Library

The West Lakes Shore Library is a welcoming environment for students, staff and families. The library provides quality resources to support the Australian Curriculum.

We have a wide range of fiction, picture books, graphic novels, non-fiction resources and reference books to cater for all interests and reading abilities.

The purpose of the library is three fold;
  • To engage students with reading and value reading for pleasure
  • To develop students' information literacy skills
  • To provide teachers with rich, quality resources to support the teaching of the Australian Curriculum
Building a love of reading is a strong feature of the program offered by the Teacher Librarian. Working with every class, every week students are aligned to 'best fit' books and are able to select from an extensive range of interest books to take home. Class teachers work alongside the Teacher Librarian to discuss student's individual interests and undertake reading conferences to support their learning. Focused explicit writing lessons linked to site improvement focused areas, are also taught by the librarian whilst teachers focus on targeted support for students with English as an Additional Language.

Joanna Cook - Teacher Librarian
Lyn Grant - Library SSO

The library is open every day from 8:30 - 3:15
Students are able to borrow before and after school as well as at lunchtimes.
Classes visit the library every week to have a lesson with the Teacher Librarian. Class teachers also book a class borrowing time.