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Literacy and Numeracy

Our vision is to ensure every child is equipped with strong skills, knowledge and attitudes in Literacy and Numeracy and help them to become expert learners who strive to continually improve self.

To ensure every child has foundations in Literacy and Numeracy we teach 300 minutes of weekly focused learning in each of the Maths and English learning areas. We supplement this with additional cross-curricular teaching opportunities that enable children to use Maths and English concepts across all areas of the curriculum, including Specialist classes

Explicit teaching is the main method of delivering the learning in Maths and English. Daily English and Maths lessons ensure students are provided with the fundamental skills in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy; skills that we know are essential for them to be lifelong learners and be able to effectively live and work in their world.

Staff use a wide range of key data, gathered from formal and informal assessments, to ensure all students are supported, and ensure learning is differentiated to meet each child's individual needs.

To support student agency and engagement in their own learning, staff support each child to establish and review their own personal learning goals in Writing and Numeracy aligned to our whole-school improvement areas. These are shared with families at 3 way interviews and/or through classroom communication tools.

Literacy and Numeracy Approaches, document our whole-school consistency that staff professional learning teams regularly review and update. Targeted support and additional resources are aligned based on data and evidence-based intervention programs and are aligned to students working below standards of education expected or those for whom diagnostic assessments show core learning gaps. Our aim is to best utilise support and resources within a whole-school approach targeted to need and continuously reviewed and adapted for individuals.