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Specialist Learning Areas

Our key specialist learning areas are PE, The Arts (Music, Dance, Drama, Visual and Media Arts) Social and Emotional 'What's the Buzz' learning and our language of choice, Japanese.

Teachers plan a wide range of extensive learning experiences so learners can be immersed in a variety of different ways. Every child undertakes weekly lessons in each of these areas. Class teachers also provide ample opportunities for daily fitness, interoception and teaching in the area of health.

PE is held in the Gym or outdoors whilst Japanese, Music and Art lessons are held in the Turtle Unit. They each plan various celebratory and cultural events to ensure students have every opportunity to thrive in areas they are interested in, including:
We have three school choirs:
  • Junior Primary
  • Middle Primary
  • Upper Primary
An annual event is held for the Upper Primary Choir students to perform at the Festival Theatre and a celebratory whole-school concert is also held at the end of every year.
Exhibitions/Community Art
Art work created by our R-7 students in our schools Visual Art specialist program is exhibited throughout the school grounds as individual artists, class creations and whole school murals. A whole school Art Show is held each year in conjunction with our schools Open Night, exhibiting the individual skills of every student at WLSS. Large scale collaborative canvases created by each year level, are also put on display for parents and the school and wider community to enjoy.

SALA - South Australian Living Artists Festival
The South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival is a statewide festival of visual art. Every year, a group of Year 5-7 students are selected to be a part of our WLSS student SALA group and have the opportunity to showcase their amazing artistic talent in a public exhibition. Our SALA group create a range of student led 2D and 3D pieces of art based around a common theme whilst using a variety of techniques and materials of their liking.

Japanese Immersion and overseas visits
Students select to opt in for additional Japanese lessons to support an immersive experience in both the Japanese culture and language. Every second year there is a planned visit to Japan that parents can opt to take their children and visit members of our sister school Josai Primary School.

Sport is an integral part of our vision to ensure active learners. Fitness and skill development lessons are undertaken as part of the Physical Education program. Our highly experienced Sports Teacher ensures students have access to a variety of sports including Tennis, Cricket, Athletics and game sports. Our PE teacher has been trained in the Rock and Water program and uses this to support students to develop self-awareness, increased self-confidence and social functioning.

It is the policy and practice of sporting bodies at our school to support all children who want to be involved to have the opportunity to participate and enjoy their sport and emphasise the development of skills and not 'winning at all costs.'

After School Sports
Other opportunities exist for children to be involved in a variety of out-of-school hours sporting activities. These opportunities are limited only by the availability of suitable coaches and/or managers. They are organised and managed by a site allocated SSO, parents and volunteers. Assistance in the areas of coaching and transport is necessary and parent support is greatly appreciated. Out of school sporting activities are to be in line with the Sports Policy and the school's Code of Conduct.

Sports Day
Sports Day is held annually. Children are placed in House Teams and compete for the shield. Siblings will be placed in the same team / house. There are four houses: These are the names of the ships which serviced Spencer Gulf and St Vincent Gulf in the early days and they were owned by the Adelaide Steamship Company.
  • Karrata (meaning 'the meeting of the waters') was built in Scotland in 1907 and served the coastal areas until 1961.
  • Minnipa (meaning 'hill') was in service from 1927 to 1960.
  • Morialta (meaning 'running water') was in service from 1912 to 1957.
  • Parndana (named after the township on Kangaroo Island). Built in Holland in 1955 and carried cargo mainly to Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln.
Student House Leaders co-plan and lead our annual event.
Students from Year 4 to 7 have the opportunity to participate in SAPSASA.

Students from Year 4 to 7 have the opportunity to participate in the following teams: Swim Team, Athletics Team and Cross Country team. Students who win their events progress to representing the Port District at State Day.

Year 6 to 7 students can try out for school Knockout teams in Cricket, Soccer, AFL and Netball.

Year 6 to 7 students have opportunities to try out for these sports to make representative Port District SAPSASA teams which also include Hockey, Golf and Tennis.

What's the Buzz
All classes participate in What's the Buzz as part of our Specialist Program. What's the Buzz is an evidence-based Social Emotional Literacy (SEL) program that aims to build the social and emotional capacity of children. Archie is the central character in the program who presents with the very same issues that students face in their everyday lives. Throughout one semester weekly lessons teach the students key skills such as 'getting along' and 'positive problem solving' in a fun, safe and supportive environment. As they work together through the lessons and activities, they'll learn how to become a more flexible thinker and build better social resilience.