We believe that a school dress code contributes to whole school unity and pride. Having a dress code develops individual self-esteem through the feeling of "belonging" and contributes to the development of a supportive school environment, by reducing levels of competitive dressing while maintaining sufficient choice for individuals.

Our dress code supports social justice initiatives by relieving parents and students of pressures to purchase high cost brand name clothing. It develops a positive image of West Lakes Shore School in the wider community while keeping our students safe by assisting staff in identifying strangers in the school grounds, as well as assisting in identifying students during excursions and in the school grounds.
Parents have the right to request exemption for their children on specific grounds (cultural, religious, etc) in accordance with the School Uniform Policy and The Department regulations.

Where to purchase

Lowes is the School's supplier of regulation uniform items. Parents may purchase generic items from alternative sources provided the dress code is adhered to.


Children will be expected to wear legionnaire hats or bucket hats in the yard for all of Term 1 and from 1 September to the conclusion of Term 4. Students may elect not to wear their hats in the yard at recess and lunch play times from the commencement of Term 2.

The Dress Code / Uniform Policy can be accessed here