Vision Statement

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Vision Statement

We want every child to be a lifelong learner.

Our Purpose and Values
Our purpose is: 'Together we build strong foundations for lifelong learning'.

Our strong foundations are defined as:

Every child is equipped with strong skills, knowledge and attitudes in Literacy and Numeracy, as they strive to continually improve self.

Every child is a powerful, active and engaged learner who:

  • Is a critical and creative thinker
  • Has a growth mindset
  • Is actively involved in setting and reviewing their own learning goals
Together, we enact and live our core school values of: respect, resilience, honesty and responsibility. We also support every child to pursue their own excellence. Excellence is a virtue in that we strive to continually improve self.

Our Beliefs
- We believe in designing learning that engages and enables growth for every child, in every classroom, in partnership with every family; cooperation and collaboration are embedded in our beliefs, actions and ways of being and learning together.

- We are an inclusive school, that believes in ensuring all children, particularly our most vulnerable, are capable and confident learners who excel at school.

- We create an open and trusting community. Feedback to and from others is encouraged and used to improve ourselves and our school. All ideas and suggestions from families are welcomed and can be made through contacting any members of the leadership team. Go to Contact Us page for details.

- We believe in creating active and engaged learners who can take risks and learn from their mistakes. Both the learning and learning environments are designed to enable students to practice, discover, explore, critically and creatively think, play, communicate and problem-solve.

- We believe in using explicit teaching, investigative play and problem-based learning.

- We believe in creating powerful learners who are involved in setting their own learning goals and who strive for their personal best.

- We're aiming to underpin our Department's vision to be world-class across every part of our school.